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Love Who?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

“I wish I can be like him/her”, why isn’t my body like, him/her?”, “why am I not as smart as him/her?”, “I wish my life was different”, “how can I make myself better?”

God made us.

Sometimes It’s difficult for us to remember that God made us, with all the expectations of this world. Nothing this world has to offer can nor will make you better. God hurts, when you hurt. God wants me and you to stop trying to fix ourselves over and over. Because, we would be Er broken, until we try to be something/ someone we are not. We let others break us. When you have doubt about it, run to God, we can never please the world. Let’s start loving  how God made us. God loves you JUST the way you are, RIGHT NOW. Let’s heal ourselves and let God mend us. No matter how broken we are, it isn’t too much for Jesus to mend. Let’s find encouragement and hope. Experience God’s Love. You ask me God Love's who? I say 

                  Love's YOU!

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