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Hope is foolish until it Isn’t

Let’s talk about hope. Hope is a funny thing. Someone described it to me the other day as “hope is foolish until it isn’t”; just think about that for a second, “hope is foolish until it isn’t.” The thing with hope is you have to work towards and believe for something that you don’t see and it could never happen and this is what makes it foolish. Take Noah for example, God told him to build an ark in the middle of a drought. He had to have hope and faith that God was going to bring the rain. He looked foolish until he didn’t.

Everyone mocked him and made fun of him but they weren’t mocking him when him and his family were safe in the ark while others drowned in the flood. “Hope is foolish until it isn’t.” What are you hoping for right now? Is it breakthrough in a situation? A healing? Restoration of a relationship? What can you do to prepare or actively walk

out your hope? I am currently in a season of waiting, waiting for breakthrough to come in my life. As I wait for God to open the doors it can be hard to keep up the hope. It’s a struggle to keep moving forward but I remind myself that God is faithful and that hope can feel foolish but at some point it won’t. When the breakthrough does come I will be grateful that I “built that ark” so to speak. As I write this and reflect on where God has me right now I can’t help but think that I would much rather be prepared and hopeful and look foolish than be swept away by the flood when the rain does come. I encourage you (and myself) to think of what is one thing you can do each day to keep building hope and faith in the promises you are waiting for. It could be as simple as putting money into savings for the thing you want or saying the prayer that you have been afraid to pray. It’s different for each person and each circumstance. Remember “hope is foolish until it isn’t.” What seems foolish today can be important and wise for the future. That’s the funny and challenging thing about hope.

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