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We are in springtime, I can’t help but be reminded of growth. Every Spring I love to

watch how nature transforms. Places were there appeared to be nothing are covered with colorful plants. It’s a season for growth. God is always calling us to grow deeper and closer in relationship to him. Daily he wants to transform us to look more and more like him. Here’s the thing about growth it takes effort. You can’t coast. If you aren’t growing you are declining. Think of your muscles; if you stop using certain ones you lose strength in them. Or if you are learning a foreign language you continually need to practice and use the language or you will lose it. It’s the same way with our personal growth and relationship with Christ. We need to continually be seeking him, falling more in love with him and being more like him each day. Today think about where you are at with Christ and how can you continually grow closer instead of away.

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