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Spring is here and the flowers will bloom. The one thing that catches my eye is, the flowers sprout in odd places. The flowers look beautiful and colorful even though they are not taken care of. Many times they last longer than the plants we protect. As each year passes by, we face many situations where the ones we care about leave us, move or fade away. Sometimes at school or at work, we have a situation or people we have tough time with and we ask “why am I here?” “Why things have to change?” During these times is where we need to bloom, like the flowers that bloom in hopeless places. We need to accept the situation and be an example, because God is always by our side. We just need to let him mold and take care of us, so we also can be a colorful flower that is stronger. Always remember, God planted you where you are knowing how much you can impact and be a blessing for others. It may feel unfair many times, but the fruit (the blessing) comes out of the situation will be great!

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