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Act of Kindness

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

It’s easy to show kindness to the ones who are kind to you, but was there a time when showing kindness was a struggle? Did you have doubt? I’ve been in that situation several times. It always feels easy to avoid the situation, to run away.

When we see someone on the side of the road holding a board or a sign asking for help, money or food walking toward us. At that moment we wish for the light to turn green or feel guilty because we don’t have change with us, or have doubt about who they might be or how will they use the money because they may look tough.

In situations like this is where we need to shine. Be the light of the world and show God’s love. There is a solution to everything. Don’t have change? We can go to the ATM and get money for them. Don’t want to give money, we can offer them a gift card.

Our simple act of kindness may impact them greatly.

Be courageous and Kind!

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1 Comment

Something everyone needs to work on!!.

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