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When we hear the news about how cold it’s going to be or how much it’s going to snow we immediately check our weather app for our city. We get our warm and cozy winter jackets, boots, scarf, gloves and hats out and prepare ourselves. We set the heater accordingly. We make plans with family/friends to enjoy the snow day. We know what to do, what not to do so everyone around as are warm and safe. We take precautions.

Do we do the same for our spiritual life?

The meteorologists and the weather app helps us to see what’s going to happen, then our conscious tells us what is right and wrong. The same way, God and The Bible helps us to see the truth. What’s going to happen and how we can protect and safe guard ourselves. All we have to do is listen for God’s voice and read The Bible for instructions and prepare ourselves for what’s ahead. We can sit with our friends/family to have an open discussion and meditate about God’s word and take Precautions.

God loves you more than you know.

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