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Rain. Not all of us like it. Some eagerly wait for the rain, some prefer the snow than the rain, some takes advantage of the rain by staying home under a cozy blanket with a cup of coffee, watching Netflix or reading or frying/baking delicious snacks.  No matter what, When one looks at the rainbow a smile follows. We forget the inconvenience, the rain brought.

The same way, our life has sunny days, stormy nights and rainy days. In Mark 4:35-41 we see the disciples being afraid, and troubled. The entire time they forgot that Jesus was with them and they have nothing to fear. Many times we are in the same boat as the disciples, we forget that God is right by us. We just need to trust in God and let God control the storm. We may think the rain (the struggle) won’t go away. But trust in God, the rainbow will come, there will be peace. No matter what situation we are going through, God will give us the peace we need. God will calm the storm and show the rainbow to each of us according to our need at the right time.

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